Book of short stories coming soon!

I’ve been busy this week putting together a book of short stories and novellas. You’ve seen some of them here, but now they are fully edited and ready to be published together!

The collection will be called “Vexed a Little in Love,” and I’m aiming for a mid-September release date. It will include “The Precipitous Marriage,” “There Can Be No Doubt,” “A Match Made at Rosings,” “Pride, Prejudice, and the Christmas Spirits,” and “The Colonel’s Post.” Look for it in a few weeks!

I have several other projects up my sleeve as well. Melanie Rachel (“Drawing Mr. Darcy,” “A Gentleman’s Honor,” “I Never Knew Myself”) and I are going to be writing a fantasy story together, probably alternating parts. It will either be a longer novella or a short novel, but we will see how that goes. There’s a dragon and lots of mischief!

I’m also working on a full fantasy Pride and Prejudice story called “A Season of Magic.” While I had a few chapters written, I’ve been doing a lot of work on world-building, as well as plotting, and I think I’m going to have to end up starting over. However, I have lots of great plans for making it have a cogent magical world and an interesting adventure, and of course a lovely romance. So stay tuned! It won’t be released until 2022, but I do hope to put out a Christmas story if I have time.


2 thoughts on “Book of short stories coming soon!

  1. Glynis

    How exciting! I do like a bit of magic! (A remnant of childhood when some of my favourite books were the Enid Blyton Enchanted Wood series and her books of fairies!
    I’m looking forward to the anthology as well.


    1. Sarah

      I never read Enid Blyton as a kid, but I did buy a boxed set for my kids and they love them! I read a lot of Roald Dahl as a kid, and then when I grew older I was obsessed with Diana Wynne Jones, Tamora Pierce, Mercedes Lackey, and Jessica Day George. Now some of my favorites are KM Shea and Melanie Cellier, and I’ve been so excited to see the fantasy Pride and Prejudice stories that have been released recently! My friend Melanie Rachel has one coming out in a week, Transforming Mr. Darcy, which I can’t wait for!


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