Vexed a Little in Love

My book of short stories, Vexed a Little in Love, is available for preorder here! It will be released on September 13, so you have less than two weeks to wait.

This book contains five of my favorite short stories and novellas: The Precipitous Marriage, There Can Be No Doubt, A Match Made at Rosings, Pride, Prejudice, and the Christmas Spirits, and The Colonel’s Post. I’ve posted most of these stories on my blog previously, but they will now be available in one volume. A Match Made at Rosings is a new story that has never been posted anywhere else.

My next couple of stories are going to be fantasy. I’m working on a story (will probably be a novella or maybe a fairly short novel) with Melanie Rachel, and I’m also working on a fantasy novel myself. Elizabeth and Jane are twins with elemental magic. Elizabeth gets the opportunity to attend the “university” for magic, The Season, but there are plenty of people who are unhappy to see her there. Elizabeth and Jane’s parents were notorious villains, and while the magical community cannot punish them for their parents’ crimes, they do not want to train up what may be a new generation of evildoers. Fitzwilliam Darcy is determined to keep an eye on Elizabeth and catch her making trouble before anybody gets hurt.

Things have also gotten a bit busy around here with the new school year starting. While we homeschool year-round and don’t follow the school calendar, I do give the kids more playtime during the day in summer, so now it’s time to get down to business. On top of that, all sorts of activities are starting up. My kids were so excited when I put up September’s calendar, because, “Look, there’s actually stuff on it!” Hopefully I will still have plenty of writing time in the evenings to keep moving forward with my writing.

I hope everyone else is enjoying the move towards autumn and the beginning of new terms and activities, whether you have kids or not!


2 thoughts on “Vexed a Little in Love

  1. Glynis

    Your book of short stories sounds really good, it’s definitely on my list!
    The new ones? I’ll await further details on the joint one but as for the other……twins? with villainous parents (who I’m assuming have passed?) well I can’t see either Jane or Elizabeth being at all villainous so Darcy will apparently watch in vain (and hopefully fall in love with Elizabeth as he does? 🤞🏻)


  2. Sarah

    Yes, they were orphaned before the story begins and are living with the Bennets as sort of foster parents under the Bennet name in an attempt to live a normal life. Until, of course, their magical abilities force them out of hiding.


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