7 thoughts on “New release: A Disguise of the Worst Sort

  1. Pennee Brotsche

    So, I received an invitation to read “It’s All Cupid’s Fault”. There was only 1 chapter and I can’t find the remainder of the book anywhere! Yikes, I read all of your books and I loved your latest effort “A Disguise of the Worst Sort”! How do I get the rest of your SS? Please!!!


    1. Sarah

      Oh, sorry to confuse you! It’s just a very short little story, not a full novel or anything. I just wanted something cute for Valentine’s Day. I didn’t want to take too much time away from A Season of Magic, my current full novel that I need to be writing. 🙂 I think I forgot to tell Vellum not to label it as “chapter one,” which was misleading.


      1. Pennee Brotsche

        That’s ok! But think about coming back to it, cuz it’s not over!!!! Looking forward to A Season of Magic! I really do love your P&P alternatives! Keep them coming!


  2. Pennee Brotsche

    Hi. I’m back. I just re-read (is that a word?) A Disguise of the Worst Sort and realized that there is an epilogue out there somewhere. Since I’m already a subscriber is there some other way for me to receive it? Thanks and keep them coming!


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