Release day for A Season of Magic!

A Season of Magic is now available in both ebook and paperback! Find it on Amazon here:

You may notice that this looks a little different from the cover I originally posted in my cover reveal. Much as I loved the cover, I decided it was a little gray/dull for a light fantasy, so I asked the cover artist to brighten the sky a little.

I love fantasy. In fact, Jane Austen variations and fantasy are my two favorite genres, and I go back and forth between them in my personal reading. So you can imagine how excited I was to combine them!

I’ve always enjoyed books featuring elemental magic, so that was the main magical system I chose for the world of A Season of Magic. Each of the magical characters has an ability in either fire, air, water, or earth, as well as a more limited ability that falls within their element. (For example, fire mages might have metalworking or glassworking, earth mages might transform into animals, etc.)

When deciding upon Elizabeth and Darcy’s classmates, teachers, and members of the governing Mage Council (which we see far more often than Elizabeth would like), I chose characters from all six of Jane Austen’s completed novels. It was a lot of fun trying to decide what element each person would have. What element would you associate with Jane Bennet? Emma Woodhouse? Edward Ferrars? Lucy Steele?

Some of the characters I chose will be easily recognized by any casual Jane Austen reader, but a few were very obscure, with only a line or two mentioning them. Just for fun, I made a quiz. Can you guess which novel each of these characters originally came from? The first few are easy, but they get harder as you go along, and the challenging ones are worth more points. But don’t cheat and look them up, just do your best!

I will pick a winner from all participants in the quiz sometime on Saturday, August 6th, to win an ebook of A Season of Magic!

Already pre-ordered it? Can’t wait until August 6th? No problem! If you win, you can choose another one of my books that you prefer. Own them all? Let me know and we’ll find another prize option for you.

Take the quiz here: And the best of luck to you!


2 thoughts on “Release day for A Season of Magic!

  1. Glynis

    I’m looking forward to reading this! The words ‘light fantasy’ make me think it won’t be TOO angsty? I looked at the quiz but alas, although I’ve read P&P many times I’m not such a fan of the others so the obscure characters were just that! So I’ll leave that for the more faithful readers and just add this to my list.
    Good luck with it.


  2. Rebecca McBrayer

    What a fun quiz! I was humbled by it, but I learned more about Austen so that’s a plus! I KNEW I recognized Miss Morton’s name as I was reading the book but could not figure out what Austen novel she was from. It was a great choice to people The Season with Austen characters.


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